Join me now on Google+ , Twitter and Facebook.

My Sisters & Brothers,

You can now join me on Google+ , Twitter & Facebook to be a part of the non-violent revolutionary fight for the second Independence for young & vibrant India !

following are my details for the same.

Google+ ID – Anna Hazare Says

Facebook – Anna Hazare Says –

Twitter – annahazaresays –!/annahazaresays

Jai Hind ! Inquilab Zindabad !

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7 Responses to Join me now on Google+ , Twitter and Facebook.

  1. i love my india, lets free it from corruption

  2. ksphani says:

    You are a great source of inspiration to all of us.
    Lead us and we will follow you.

  3. सच मे अन्ना जी
    राष्ट्रनायक है

  4. 1. Corruption thrives by complicating rules and procedures. These should be simplified. 2. Government should undertake to publish the rules and make them available to the common man.
    3. Only the bribe taker should be punished. The rule that both giver and taker of bribe are guilty effectively protects corruption.

  5. its very good things which u doing annji we all with u

  6. Sanjay Verma says:

    travelling is better way to know the problems of India.

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