End of a revolutionary in the ‘World of Communication’.

10th October, 2011.

My dear sisters and brothers

Namaskar!Steve Jobs will always be remembered for his unparalleled contribution to the world of technology.  The news of his death is saddening.

Steve Jobs was one of those who sculpted the history of technology by bringing about a revolutionary change that brought the world together. He enabled a line of direct inter-personal communication between people staying in different places at different levels. His contribution will be remembered forever. Jobs used his imagination and futuristic viewpoint as he worked on his research hence his revolutionary thoughts will always hold an important place in modern history.

In the last few years this has been proved time and again with incidences taking place in some of the countries. Technology has been of great help for spreading awareness and organizing people and can be used as an effective tool for those who are suppressed and have to deal with injustice and corruption. Technological innovations have brought about a revolutionary change and are a great form of support. I have personally experienced this during my fight for Janlokpal Bill. Without any doubt, we will need technology at every step of our life.

Steve Jobs is no more. Though he is not present physically his work has immortalised him forever. Here, I will quote Samarth Ramdas, a great saint from Maharashtra,  ‘marave pari kirti rupi uraave’.  It means, ‘When a person is no more he should be remembered for his work’. In today’s modern world, he will remain with us at every step of our life, forever. We are thankful to the soul of technology and the man and the magician behind it called – Steve Jobs!

I hereby pay my humble respects.
R.I.P Steve Jobs

K.B. Hazare (Anna)

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