Journey of a Revolution !

Ralegan Siddhi,
14 October 2011.

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Today the word ‘corruption’ has attained an omnipresent meaning. We have multiple battles to fight. Our crusade is two-fold; one is struggle – revolution and the other is development-structural. We are fighting for a competent Janlokpal Bill. The struggle doesn’t end here. Nearly 80% people nationwide are grappling with pitiful conditions created out of corruption at administrative (babu’s) and political level. There is very little scope for development as corruption takes a strong hand. It is becoming impossible for the common man to survive. I think our Government and all political parties in India are hand in glove with corruption or else all the political parties would have definitely come forward in support of Janlokpal Bill and there would have been a positive wave among all the political parties of our country. But of course only a ‘political party’ doesn’t necessarily signify a ‘country.’ In reality, a country is made up of people and people are sovereign! If need arises we will again put up a fight. But Janlokpal Bill is must! Irrespective of which political party is in power, Janlokpal Bill has to be enforced. Government from every state in India has to reinforce stricter laws in that regards.

But our struggle doesn’t end at Janlokpal Bill. Our fight henceforth will be treading difficult grounds. The struggle for ‘Right to Reject’ and ‘Right to Recall’ has to be taken forward. ‘Right to Reject’ gives the voter the right to reject a candidate who is of doubtful and notorious character and is contesting from their constituency. If voters use their power ‘Right to Reject’ then it will be abiding on all the political parties to give us candidates who are of good and clean character and they will not be allowed to contest election in future. It will be a lesson well-learnt for all the political parties. ‘Right to Recall’ goes a step ahead. If an elected representative turns out to be corrupt, suspicious and of notorious character then people have the power to recall him or her. It will be a far cry from the five year tenure that such corrupt representatives enjoy at present.

People need to understand that forming laws doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a revolutionary move. Revolution is also a part of your psychological and political process. Corruption no longer is limited to politics but has made its presence felt all over India in an omnipresent way.  Not only political but our administrative system is steeped in corruption and so is our judicial system. Unfortunately, corruption has become a 64 year old sorrow and anomaly. It looks like we do not need sustainable development! My thought and I are not at all against development. I am for sustainable development of our country. Our country needs to be progressive. There are many Industrialists in India who believe in creating wealth righteously.  Ironically our corrupt system does not permit anyone to do so.  It is just not possible for an honest man to create wealth with tangible equity and equality and take positive steps towards development of our country. Brutally destroying forests and woodlands, illegal mining, encroachment on farming lands and illegally grabbing government lands does not signify industrial growth and neither development of nation. Sustainable development means creating wealth without brutally exploiting humans and natural resources. Ecological and organic balance is also a priority of progressive nation.

The need of the hour is for the fellow-travellers to unite and show their might of conviction on streets in non-violent manner. Today due to rampant rise in corruption our farmers are committing suicide. Workers find themselves rendered jobless. Industrialists are caught between recession and dreadful corruption at political level. Our politicians and policy makers in the last 64 years have built a system which is utterly disappointing for the people. Dynasty and neo-feudalism has arisen out of power lying in the hands of few families through electoral policies. Our politicians have developed monarchy through democratic electoral system. Today in politics there is very little space or no space for common man or common party workers to climb the ladder of power and reach the top. Sons, nephews, daughters, relatives of few powerful and mighty families are ruling in all states across the parties. Is this a democracy for which our forefathers have sacrificed their lives? We the people should break in to it. This is the revolution I am talking about. Many people sacrificed their lives for India’s Independence but then they did not envisage the type of system we are living in. That is the reason why our freedom fighters raised their voice against the British Raj. Unfortunately, today we are forced to fight with our own kin and kind. Let us decide today, we are going to put up a fight with all our might. It will be a beginning of a new revolution.

Trust me, something that our country is missing since last 64 years will happen now. Just have faith. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in the common man!!

Now we should be prepared for a new struggle which is longer, harder and more intense!

Inquilab Zindabad!  Vande Mataram!  Bharat Mata ki Jai!  Jai Hind!

K. B. Hazare (Anna)

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2 Responses to Journey of a Revolution !

  1. Absolutely correct. I fully support Anna.

  2. ANNA tum aagae bado…..HUM tumhare saath hai…

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