Lesson well-learnt from ‘Hissar’

Ralegan Siddhi
17th October, 2011

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Congress has lost the Loksabha by-elections in Hissar. Congress should stop blaming ‘Team Anna’ and instead take strong steps in creating stricter laws against corruption in the ensuing winter session. It is becoming difficult for the common man to survive because of corruption. The denial for Congress arises out of people’s enduring capacity which has crossed its limit.

If the Congress still has not learnt a lesson from these polls then the condition would worsen further hence Congress should take a cue and pass the Janlokpal Bill in the winter session. Hissar saw Team Anna’s workers campaigning for the anti-corruption cause but next for the Assembly elections it will be ‘me’, Anna Hazare who will personally rally for the cause. I feel it is necessary for the well-being of the society and the nation at large.

Nothing will affect our integrity neither the negative publicity doing rounds about Team Anna and nor the factors trying to create a rift in our team. Team Anna will stand united and strive hard for the effective implementation of ‘Janlokpal Bill”.

K. B. Hazare

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