Me and my Blog !


My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to thank Indian Express (Mr. Atikh Rashid) for showing their interest in my blog and asking me ‘How do I feel about my Blog?’

Today Information Technology has achieved great heights. One can easily see the worldwide fierce competition among them. The ever changing scenario and progress is mind-boggling. It is a matter of pride that India is not left behind. Though I am the one to give credence to Mahatma Gandhi’s school of thought I am sure if the same information and technology was available during his time he would surely have used it to the best of his advantage. Every second is important in human life and technology saves time.

Gandhiji was of the opinion that development that takes place without exploiting nature and humans is sustainable development. But development that happens through means of exploitation is absolutely unethical development.

(Information) Technology has enabled us to save on fuel and cars. Important aspect is development happening without pollution. This technology has brought the world closer. Now it is time we try to bring people close to each other. For this to happen we should inculcate Gandhiji’s thought with technology and thus accomplish our goals.

When millions of people read my thoughts on my blog I feel this is the effect of the same technology.

(A shadow, Suresh Pathare on my right & Dada Pathare on my left)

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram! Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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