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  1. hrishikeshrj says:

    Dear Anna.
    I am one of the victim of corruption in India. I will support you & your team unconditionally.

    Let me know if you need my support

  2. Thanks for bringing this platform…looking forward for daily thoughts from Anna Ji…

  3. very simple man and simple life.really superb
    fighting for others,fantastic,now a days who are working for others,
    service to man kind is service to god
    we like you Anna ji,Long live Annaji

  4. Abhay Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot Anna for everything you have done for us. It will be an honor for me to serve you in our second freedom struggle.

  5. Corruption is a menace in this country, but there are other ways and means to fight corruption, creating hysteria will not solve the problem.What i felt that both Team Anna and the govt lacked convincing power, and thats why the talks seem to go no where. As a citizen of India i am not sure whether a strong Lokpal Bill will be passed. i have a simple question why is Team Anna adament of passing the Jan Lokpal Bill ????

  6. Excellent step. A big thank you to the Team who took this initiative to spread it among the Indians across the world. Kudos.

  7. Anuj Kumar says:

    welcome in cyberworld………………..

    we should continue to fight againrt corruption……………

    Jai Hind………..

  8. Respected Anna,

    Please receive my heartfelt Pranaam. I, on behalf of the nation, like to express gratitude to you for raising voice for billions of compatriots. You have set an example for all of us.

    Beloved Anna, I am writing from the capital town of a state that saw the first train ever on her lap after 63 years of independence, the train running on meter gauge at 30km/ph. Do you know why ? Because, we have been running by vision less, corrupt and state sponsored gangs. They have never thought India as nation but as an opportunity to grab everything for their own interest. I have been one of the worst victims of their misrule.

    Anna, if I continue to tell you the sad story of the people of Tripura it will take long time to end. Our so called great leaders have always wrapped up this with politics of consolation and promises.

    The aggrieved people joined you and the movement led by you since August 16. We are with you and remain so forever.

    By profession I am a journalist and by instinct a nationalist who initiated Civil Society movement in Agartala for Jan Lokpal.

    I, alongwith all my compatriots, invite you and Kiranji, Arvindji, Sesodiyaji and Prasantji in Agartala in your next nationwide tour.

    Anna please come to this small, marginalized and backward state situated at a geographically cornered part of the country(Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on almost all sides, except a small passage) and inspire around 4 millions residents.

    I am looking forward to your response, Anna. Please come.

    Pranaam once again.
    Prasenjit Chakraborty
    National Coordinator
    Civil Society
    Mobile : 9436360912 / 9862111537

    Email :

    Website :

    I am also available on facebook and

  9. Hello sir, you are doing a great job… We all are with you in a hope of bright and clean India. Corruption has really reached to its hight. There is one question in my mind… I can see lots of videos in youtube of senior IPS/IAS officers who has openly challenged the honesty of politicians.. inspite of these information why don’t you highlight the voice of these people.. They all have documentory proof as well (per them)… Anna’s team should put together all these persons under one roof and strive hard to the corrupted politicians…. Jai Hind !!!

  10. ritubansal says:

    Anna ji apne jo chingaari jalaayi hai usko bujhne nahi dena hai..hamare rashtra se bhrashtacaar khatam hona hi chahiye..
    🙂 🙂

  11. har ek minister zaroori hota hai,koi sarkar ko 2G mai facai, koi chitti likh kai badnam kare,koi jail jai, but har ek minister zaroori hota hai,koi poperty 1000% increase kare, to koi Pakistan zindabad bole,but har ek minister zaroori hota hai- brought you by d Dr.MANMOHAN TAIL

  12. Cool Mayank says:

    Thnks 4 starting this blog,through this we will spread the fire created By anna ji.jai hind:)

  13. Madhu Sastry says:

    Anna Ji we all are with you……we all will fight together till Janlokpal Bill comes into action.

    DR.RIYAZ PATHAN khopoli.maharashtra.

  15. lakhawat says:

    Anna G , thanks a lot for your agitation and bringing everyone on one platform against corruption.

  16. Dipti Jena says:

    anna ji please come orissa .the people of orissa waits for leader like uand ur team.pls

  17. Ganesh K says:

    Dear Anna,

    We are with you. We have faith in you. Not only India, World has seen the revolution. Let it continue forever.

  18. i am very happy to see here…. anna ji…. we all with you…. we all for our nation….
    jai hindh.


  19. My Dear Anna,
    Thanks for providing this platform, this will help me alot to have direct messages from you.
    Capt. Rajesh Kalra

  20. Anna ji, Rare are the people like you in Mother India! I salute you.

    Jai Hind!

  21. Vinay Singh says:

    Congratulations to team blog for initiating such a wonderful blog .we are extremely fortunate to connect with Annaji.hope this site will give us complete access to his writings.
    My heartfelt wishes to team blog once again.

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