मेरे आत्मन



                                                         यह लिंक जल्द ही शुरू की जाएगी !


2 Responses to मेरे आत्मन

  1. respected Annaji, You are the icon of the people of india. people from different walk of like are looking at you as a saviour of their innureable problems. Being a Vidarbaite I learnt about your comment on the vidarbha issue and very severe reactions from the seperate vidarbha activists. I was very pained by their verbatine. It is my humble request you to look at the vidarbha issue since the back log of vidarbha is nothing but the outcome of corruption of politicians for many years. I am sure your indepth understanding of vidarbha issue will bring the desired results and people especially the farmers will get solace from their miseries.

  2. Sai Ramesh P says:

    annaji namaskar please start u r blog also in Telugu please in Andhra also lot of people inspried by you

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